• English-Thai interpreter for your Wedding Ceremony/Marriage Registration

  • English-Thai Interpreter for Business Meeting / Interview (For Better negotiation)

  • English-Thai interpreter for your Getting a Marriage Certificate

  • English-Thai interpreter for Business Assistance 

  • English-Thai interpreter for Business Research

  • English-Thai interpreter for Auditing standards

  • Consecutive/Simultaneous English-Thai Interpreter

  • Cross Cultural Advice

  • English-Thai / Thai-English Translation Contract translation / Video Clip Subtitle Translation

  • English-Thai Master of Ceremony

  • English-Thai Interpreter for Court Hearings 

A good interpreter can help you eliminate language and cultural barriers as well as quickening the unnecessarily tedious process and ensure attractive liaison between you and your Thai partners. 



  • Japanese-English 

    • Consecutive Interpretation

    • Simultaneous Interpretation

    • Japanese-English Translation 

  • Japanese-Thai 

    • Consecutive Interpretation

    • Simultaneous Interpretation

    • Japanese-Thai Translation 

  • Mandarin-English 

    • Consecutive Interpretation

    • Simultaneous Interpretation

    • Mandarin-English Translation

  • Mandarin-Thai 

    • Consecutive Interpretation

    • Simultaneous Interpretation

    • Mandarin-Thai Translation

  • Spanish-English 

    • Consecutive Interpretation

    • Simultaneous Interpretation

    • Spanish-English Translation

  • Italian-Thai 

    • Consecutive Interpretation

    • Simultaneous Interpretation

    • Translation



  • Legal advice 

    • Visa Extension Service​
    • Immigration Process
    • Company Registration
    • Buying Property in Thailand

  • Legal Process & Action 

    • Property law

    • Family law

    • immigration 

    • Business Law









Thai Lawyer (English Speaking)

Mr. Amnat Narongdej Kantawong


  • A Bachelor of Arts (B.A)             

       Law degree, Payap University,         

       Chiang Mai.


  • Masters Degree.                      Bangkok Thonburi University). 

       Bobby and his team have well-                   earned reputations as       

       knowledgeable  and effective

       attorneys who fight for their clients’

       legal rights. He is renowned for his

       firm grasp of all current immigration

       subjects and has a deep of

       understanding business structures,  

       criminal and civil laws, alike.

Invest in

Real Estate

in Thailand

Kats Kasamon



"Bangkok interpreter will help your business in Thailand less complex." 


Please contact us at least one week in advance to confirm our availability.


Bangkok interpreter will make your business trip in Thailand less complex. A good interpreter can help you eliminate language and cultural barriers as well as quickening the unnecessarily tedious process and ensure attractive liaison between you and your Thai partners. 


Kats Kasamon: English-Thai Interpreter                       

I am  English-Thai Bangkok based interpreter. My overall education and work experience helps me to have strong English skills and negotiation skills. As an English-Thai interpreter, it requires me more than just a language interpretation but to make both parties understand culture differences in doing business to ensure my clients' success during their business trips in Bangkok.


Interpreter Services:


If you are looking for an interpreter who can assist you during your business trip in Bangkok, you have come to the right place.


Besides Bangkok, we also extend our interpreter services into other provinces in Thailand. Just let us know in most advance.


  • Individuals 

  • Etc.


  • Business Cooperations

  • Training Companies

  • Journalists / Researchers

  • Plaintiffs / Defendants

  • Film Companies

  • Law Firms



Kindly book out time slots for an English Thai interpreter or

other language-pair interpreter or any Bangkok interpreter

at least 5 days in advance.

E-mail us to find out if our interpreter available at the time you require.


Then, make a Deposit Payment

to reserve your time.

109/179 Kanchanaphisak 20, Sapansung, Bangkok, 10250 

THAILAND 6683 016 3311 6681 563 5890

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