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Having a personal interpreter can make your work in an unknown country less complex. A good interpreter can help you eliminate language and cultural barriers as well as quickening the unnecessarily tedious process and ensure attractive liaison between you and your Thai partners. 

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"I am a Bangkok interpreter. My overall education and work experience helps me to have strong English skills and negotiation skills. As an English-Thai interpreter, it requires me more than just a language interpretation but to make both parties understand culture differences in doing business to ensure my clients' success during their business trips in Bangkok."


"If you are looking for a Thai interpreter who can speak very good English to assist you during your business trip in Bangkok, you have come to the right place. 
Besides Bangkok, I also extend my interpreter services into other provinces of Thailand as well as English-Thai translation services.
Kats Kasamon 
English-Thai interpreter

Skills & Abilities

  • Simultaneous Interpreting                                              

  • Consecutive interpreting                                  

  • Intercultural Communication Consulting                           

  • Bilingual Master of Ceremony               

  • Document Translation                                                             

  • Public Speaking Training

  • Book Writing



  • Competent Communicator, TI

  • Advanced Communicator Bronze/Silver, TI

  • Competent Leader/Advance Leader Bronze, TI

  • Area B2 Director 2015, District 97P TI

  • First Place Winner, Speech Contest (BTC) 2016

  • Second Place Winner, Speech Contest (Area B2) 2016



  • Communication Art & Design (BA). KMIT, Bangkok, THAILAND

  • ​Business Studies Certificate. BCIT, Vancouver, CANADA

  • International Business Certificate. BCIT, Vancouver, CANADA

  • College of Fine Arts

  • NLP Practitioner Certification, NLP Top Coach

  • NLP Master Coach, NLP Top Coach

Simultaneous English-Thai interpreters and Other Interpreters

Simultaneous English-Thai interpreter 
Consecutive English-Thai interpreter
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