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Misunderstanding the Types of Interpretation

When you search for an interpreter for the first time, you might feel unsure how to find, employ and work with your interpreter. There are some myths that make you confuse who you should hire and what criteria you should use to set up qualification needed in an interpreter.

Valuing Experience Over Training or Training Over Experience

Neither of experience or training can tell if he or she will suit your needs. Experience interpreters can help you and be good at skilful at problem-solving on their feet but they must not specialize in specific fields. Trained interpreters might have good knowledge but lack of problem-solving skills. Trained interpreters in Thailand may or may not have better English than interpreters by experience. And, none of the interpreters are good at all issues. You have to know what you look for in an interpreter.

Misunderstanding the Types of Interpretation

  • Simultaneous interpretation is when the speaker and the interpreter talk at the same time. The interpreter must listen and speak at the same time. This method is used in conference speech or seminar when the audience will wear their headphones to listen to the interpretation.

  • Consecutive interpretation is when the speaker speaks a few sentences, then pauses and waits for the interpreter to interpret before continuing speaking.

  • Whispered interpreting is when the interpreter interprets at the same time as the speaker but does not require any special equipment. Normally, the interpreter may interpret for one person and interpreter what the person says to the group in the meeting.

  • Assistant interpreting is when the interpreter provides sometime consecutive interpretation and sometime simultaneous interpretation. The main point is to accompany the client in business trip or work trip or business negotiation. The interpreter most often works to fill communication and culture gaps between two parties.

Specifying what types of interpreters to the service provide, when requesting for an interpreter, will cut of unnecessary communication process and you will acquire a suitable interpreter for your work.

Find a Bangkok interpreter (English Thai interpreter) or other language pair interpreters in Thailand :

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