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Price Quotation for

Simultaneous Bangkok interpreter, booth and audio equipment: 

Sound Systems

For Simultaneous Interpreting Service in Bangkok


1. Tour guide System

2. Voting System

Our variety of response options for Turning Point and Exam View provide solutions for every learning environment. Our tools vary from simple to full-featured to mobile, and they allow participants to respond to many different question types.

2 Ways: Wireless Tour Guide (Audio) -(P-Stalk)

New Innovation: wireless two-way communication headsets

During the communication, if the audience can respond or ask questions immediately.

P-Stalk can be connected directly to the audio input from TV, PC or MP3 to send the voice to the audience directly.

Work as a sender and a receiver at the same time (Master/Slave)

Communicate in two ways (audio/voice) to P-SH320 in the same group

Light and modern

4 channels

Last for 8-10 hour and can be charged through USB charging interface

Can be connected with other audio devices such as TV PC, smart phone MP3 and speaker to send content to SH-320 of the same group

 Adjust volume button

2.5 mm audio jack for ear set or microphone

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